A month of not drinking

10 February 2019

A post about not drinking on a beer blog!

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Fermenting and Bottling

27 January 2019

You will end up googling “is my beer infected?”…. It probably isn’t!

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20 January 2019

What it more Silicon Valley than turning a beer based hobby into a competition?

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Nelson Saison

06 January 2019

Dry hopping adds a nice layer of flavor on this simple saison!

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Learning to Brew: First Brewday

15 December 2018

How do you get from a pile a equipment and ingredients to beer? A lot of cleaning and waiting to be honest…..

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Costs of starting homebrewing: A year in rebrew

09 December 2018

In which I justify my $6.35 bottles of beer. TL/DR: I should brew more to bring my cost per serving down

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Bitches Brew

02 December 2018

Badass brewin’!

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Learning to Brew: Picking recipe and ingredients

25 November 2018

How do you decide what to make?

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A-maize-ing Rye Pale Ale

18 November 2018

In which we play with a new toy and new to us ingredients!

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Scottish Ale

11 November 2018

Home grown recipe for Scottish Ale.

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Learning to Brew: Equipment

26 September 2018

What is the basic equipment you need to start brewing?

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Learning to Brew: Series Overview

19 September 2018

An easy introduction to brewing. This overview sections layout my approach, and the sections that will follow!

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Babes Brewday

12 September 2018

Want a fun way to make brewing approachable, and suck new people into your hobby? Host a ‘brew-in’! Any excuse to start opening homebrew at 10 am :)

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Plain-Jane Saison

07 September 2018

Who doesn’t want a hydrometer reading of less that 1?!

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Tea Beer

22 August 2018

Tea makes a British Mild more British!

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Stewarding a beer competition

18 August 2018

Volunteer, learn about brewing and drink great beer?! Steward a beer competition and get involved!

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Lemon Wheat Beer

15 August 2018

A fun summer beer!

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Can I brew on a work-night?

10 August 2018

Want to squeeze in a brew after work on a week night? The key- have a plan!

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Chai Milk stout

01 August 2018

Because the point of home brewing is to make something weird and wonderful that you can’t buy in a store….

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Admiral Maltings Fieldtrip

27 July 2018

Can brewing beer help the environment? Admiral Maltings, a California Malt roaster thinks so!

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20 July 2018

My goal- making home brewing accessible! Like any hobby, brewing can quickly evolve from a small kit to spending thousands of dollars in search of creating the perfect beer.

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