20 July 2018

My goal- making home brewing accessible!

Like any hobby, brewing can quickly evolve from a small kit to spending thousands of dollars in search of creating the perfect beer.


I sat on the sidelines for a long time wanting to brew, but being mystified by the jargon, and put off by what I assumed would be high start-up costs…

Then I moved to California, knowing only my husband and one friend…. To get to know people I joined a local meetup called Women of Worts- it was the outreach effort by a local homebrew club. There, I met a great cast of characters who helped ease me into my first brew. I proudly set myself up for small batch brewing with a budget of $200. (The hobby budget has since spiraled well beyond that number, every time my husband sees me researching another brew thing, he smirks….). I was hooked and have been brewing since!

You, my dear reader, may not necessarily be able to find such a supportive welcoming community- my goal is to be that community online! Rather than focus on bigger, bolder, braver set-ups, I’m writing about the basics- how to complete good quality beers in your own home.