Learning to Brew: Series Overview

19 September 2018

An easy introduction to brewing. This overview sections layout my approach, and the sections that will follow!

I want brewing to be accessible. At its core, home brewing beer is simple and easy to learn. But, online forums abound with specialist vocabulary and impassioned debates about the best way to brew.

RDWHAHB- Relax, Don’t worry, have a homebrew. Originally, written by Charlie Papazian in The Complete Joy of Homebrewing, this acronym sums up the many of the debates about home brewing. Beer has been brewed by far less knowledgeable and hygienic people.

This introduction to brewing is meant to stress the important part of brewing (keeping things clean and sanitary after the boil) and strongly embraces the “KISS” (Keep it Simple Stupid) principle. There may be a “better” way of doing things, but this is a reality easy system that has worked time and time again for me. There is a lot of advice on the internet, if someone else’s details deviate from mine, that’s fine. Use logic, have fun and enjoy drinking your experiments!


  1. Getting Equipment
  2. Finding Recipes & Ingredients
  3. Brewday
  4. Bottling/kegging
  5. Enjoying homebrew
Homebrewing lets you add any ingredients you want to your drink!
Homebrewing lets you add any ingredients you want to your drink!